We are Beepi!

We're building a radically transparent and easy way to buy and sell cars online.

Our Story

At Beepi, people are at the heart of everything we do. It all started with one person - our CEO, Ale Resnik - and his horrible car buying experience. After doing a ton of research and test driving a certified pre-owned car, he bought the car only to have it catch fire days later. Ale met Owen Savir, both serial entrepreneurs obsessed with breaking down complex problems, and together they vowed no one should ever have that bad experience again. They resolved to reinvent the entire way people buy, sell and own cars. Beepi was born.

Our Mission

We love cars and are committed to fix the system.

We want to make buying and selling trusted for everyone.

We believe the car market should be as transparent as a clean windshield.

We won't rest until you go from 0 to happy!

Our Awesome Experience

Beepi is revolutionizing the way that people buy and sell cars by making a traditionally painful experience fast, easy and even fun. They said it wasn't possible, but we make it happen every day.

Meet the Team

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The Missing Piece: You!

To those of you who challenge the status quo on a daily basis, to those who seek and desire to radically change the inefficiencies in the world, and to those who get what it means to build movements and not just machines...

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