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17 Automotive Gift Ideas For The Holidays

automotive gifts

Automotive-themed gifts may sound a bit crude, but then you don’t have to wrap up a set of brake pads or give your significant other a voucher for a transmission flush. There are, in fact, wonderful automotive gift ideas that won’t involve getting coated in oil, and they’ll ensure the whole family is ready for that next road-trip. These are the top 17 selections

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10 Cars You Need To Know From The 2016 LA Auto Show

Jaguar I-Pace Concept

The 2016 LA Auto Show came to an official end last week, and as one of the major shows in the U.S., lots of shiny new sheetmetal and technology has debuted. So let’s take a look back at the ten machines you need to know from this year’s show:

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2015 Fiat 500e Review

2015 Fiat 500e

The 500e is an all-electric version of Fiat’s acclaimed yet diminutive hatchback. If fuel efficiency is a concern, the Fiat 500e’s electric motor has you covered, and if range anxiety remains a worry, you’ll have roughly 87 miles of electric power to get you where you need to go. How does the Fiat 500e drive? Find out in our car

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2017 Fiat 500X Review

2017 Fiat 500X Trekking

The 2017 Fiat 500X is a compact SUV with a sense of style. Boasting five doors and five seats—and an engine that remains fuel efficient—on paper it seems like a winner. But what about in reality?

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10 Cars That Depreciate Fastest — And Why You Should Buy Them

cars that depreciate fastest

The moment a new car is driven off the lot it loses an average of 11-percent in value. In the first year, it’ll lose an additional 15 to 25-percent. For the new car buyer, this is a living nightmare. For the used car buyer, however, finding cars that depreciate fastest can get you a better vehicle for less cash.

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BMW’s Entire Model Lineup, Explained

automotive gifts

So you’ve decided you want to buy a BMW (and now would be a great time, what with our BMW Season at Beepi going on). But where to start? BMW has added several new models in recent years, and so deciding which model is right for you has never been tougher.  Thankfully, there’s logic to the numbers, and we’re here to

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Drift into Fall with BMW Season at Beepi

BMW season

It’s BMW Season at Beepi, which means we have more Bimmers on our site than ever before. From tire-smoking performance sedans to family-friendly SUVs, finding that perfect luxury car has never been easier—or more affordable.

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7 Common Car Issues—And Why They May Not Be Issues At All

common car issues

Cars, like houses or babies, can make a variety of weird noises. Some you should be concerned about, others you should not. But how do you know what creaks, squeaks and jiggles require rushing to your local mechanic and which ones are considered normal? We spoke to our expert Beepi Inspectors and Specialists to unearth the secrets behind the most common car issues:

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7 Hot Concepts From The 2016 Paris Motor Show

Renaul Trezor Concept paris motor show

The 2016 Paris Motor Show has come and gone, debuting a wealth of brand-new sheetmetal and technological advancements. As we know, the future of automotive is shifting, so we’ve selected some of the most interesting and important concept cars from this year’s show—from near production models to electric cars to wild design studies. Here’s what you need to know.

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Get Cozy With Our Fall Price Cuts And Get A $250 Gas Card On Us


  OFFER EXTENDED FOR A FEW MORE DAY! We’re known for the most competitive prices in the industry—thanks to the fact we don’t operate out of brick and mortar dealerships and we don’t employ an army of salespeople. But for the next few days, our prices have been slashed even further. 

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2015 Mercedes-Benz M-Class ML350: Beepi Car Of The Week


If you’re looking for a safe, luxurious, eye-catching SUV, this 2015 Mercedes-Benz M-Class ML350 should be at the top of your list. With just one previous owner, along with 31,500 miles of mostly highway driving, the original sticker price on this Mercedes was $55,000. However, on Beepi, you can buy it today for just $38,599.

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Save 20% On Beepi CARE For A Limited Time Only


No one likes surprises, especially ones that empty your bank account. If you’re driving your Beepi Car without a warranty, there’s nothing to protect you should the worst happen. Beepi CARE, our extended vehicle service contract, delivers you and your family the peace of mind in knowing that, regardless of what life throws at you, your hard earned dollars are

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