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Beepi will answer anything you ask.

Beepi. More than a lot better, but...

How does it work?

Register your car at


e.g. Mazda


e.g. CX-9


e.g. 2012


e.g. Sport 4dr(3.7L 6 cyl 6 A)


e.g. JM3TB3MV2A0123456


e.g. 1,000 miles


e.g. Paris Hilton pink


e.g. ejector seat
  • Does it look new, or have minor cosmetic defects?
  • Has it had small paint touch-ups or bodywork, at most?
  • Does it require only minimal reconditioning?
  • Is the body rust-free?
  • Is the engine clean and leak-free?
  • Are there minimal signs of wear or visible defects to the body and interior?
  • Are the wheels flawless?
  • Do the tires match and have at least 75% tread remaining?
  • Is the title history clean?
  • Do you have a record of most services perfomed?

Then, tell us

where you are

e.g. 605 Fairchild Dr, Mountain View, CA 94043

We'll schedule a professional pre-purchase inspection

One of our expert inspectors will come to your driveway and perform our Beepi inspection; no pre-owned car gets sold until it is Beepi-certified.

Our inspectors then take beautiful photos of your sparkling baby for your listing page.

As soon as your car passes muster, we make it available to the Beepi community.

Tell us your love story

Meanwhile, you can tell prospective buyers in our community why you're selling your car. If you tell them how much you love your car and why you're selling it, you'll give buyers confidence that your car is the one to buy. If the car brought you luck - maybe it carried your daughter's soccer team to a regional championship - share that. Cars have personalities, and great personalities always do better.

Relax, we'll take it from here..

And you don't have to lift a finger!

We'll find a buyer without you lifting a finger!

Keep driving it until the day it sells!

Then, it's time to say goodbye.

We manage the payment process and all the pain-in-the-exhaust paperwork.

Our Sellers get an

Official Beepi Check

We pick up and deliver cars

right to our Buyers

Who are

Beepi inspectors?

Those guys are awesome!

They're like superheroes waiting for the Beepi Sign.

All our inspectors have formal technical training
from accredited institutions, and have years of experience on the field.

Rigorous in house Training

Junior inspectors are paired with a lead inspector for 100+ hours before working on their own.

They will go


We'll inspect your car wherever it is. Our inspector will need to meet you prior to starting inspection, to verify that you are indeed the owner of the car. We'll need to see your driver's license, and the car's registration and title (if you have it). Once those formalities are out of the way, feel free to retire back to Netflix, or whatever other important business you have to tend to. Inspections typically last 1.5 hours, but you're welcome to stick around and ask questions if you feel more comfortable.

The 240-Point Beepi Inspection

Every car that we offer for sale is not only certified - it's Beepi Certified!

Beepi is exactly what the sleepi pre-owned market has needed for decades.

Sellers get more.

Buyers pay less.

So, how does this Beepin' Miracle actually work?

We are what's called a

"peer-to-peer" marketplace

We connect buyers and sellers in an organized,

efficient and safe environment

In the old, over-priced world, you paid extra for the showroom.

Beepi has no high-paid salespeople, no expensive real estate. We pass all those savings to you, so you're left with extra dollars in your pocket. And joy in your heart. Start thinking of ways to spend all that extra cash...


Sell for


than trade in value, guaranteed (fees included)

We take into account the mileage of your car, the demand for that model, the retail price quoted on Edmunds, and other factors.

To see how much extra cash you could get for your car, try our
Magical Pricing Tool!

  • Reason #1

    No test-drives, no tire kicking, no scams, no flakes and no pain. We take all the hassle out of the system.

  • Reason #2

    Our direct, no-middleman system means that buyers pay less and sellers get more. Much more.

  • Reason #3

    When we value your car, we stick with it. You'll always get at least that amount, even if the car sells for less.

  • Reason #4

    Your baby gets a detailed mechanical and cosmetic inspection by our certified mechanic. We know every inch of your car.

  • Reason #5

    Our inspectors are professionally-trained to take beautiful photographs of your baby, both inside and out.

  • Reason #6

    AutoCheck car history reports are included for free with every listing.

  • Reason #7

    We let you keep driving the car up until the moment it's sold.

  • Reason #8

    Pick-up, delivery and the secure transfer of funds are on us.

  • Reason #9

    Beepi takes care of all the documents - we'll just tell you where to sign.

  • Reason #10

    Do everything from the comfort of your home!

Beepi takes the difference between the
buyer's and seller's price, and you'll always get a great price. Why? We'll give you 10 reasons.




than the advertised price, guaranteed (fees included)

Our buyers even pay lower than the average final sale prices after negotiation. But at Beepi, there is no need to negotiate...we'll just give it to you!

More info for

How long does it take to sell my car on Beepi?

We guarantee that we'll sell your car in less than 30 days, or we'll buy it straight from you at the same price we originally quoted. Some cars even sell within days. Of course, you can drive your car during that period, and up to the moment we come to collect it.

How do you decide what price to offer my car at?

We take into account the mileage of your car, the demand for the model, the retail price quoted on Edmunds, and other factors. The price you get is always higher than what you used to pay, by as much as 20% more. The amazing thing? Buyers will actually pay less. With showrooms out of the picture, sellers get more and buyers pay less. Rejoice!

More info for

How do I pay for my wonderful vehicle?

Credit Card: We accept every major credit card, and we allow you to combine any five of them.

Wire Transfer: Transfer funds directly from your bank account.

Check: We'll schedule a courier pick-up; you just give them the check.

Online Financing Options are also available. Rates, down payments and other associated fees are based on your credit history and other factors.

Can I meet the owner?

Beepi is designed to create an experience that is maximally easy for both buyers and sellers. That’s why we protect the private information of the seller, and do not disclose their contact info.

Instead of focusing on the identity of the person, we focus on the quality of the car! Thanks to our 240-point inspection, you can be confident that you’ll never get an accident vehicle, smoker’s car, or lemon. And we’re happy to send over vehicle history information, as well as the reason the seller is saying goodbye to their car!

As for coffee hangouts with owners - we'll leave that to dating sites.

I love the Internet and all, but I still want to test drive the car

Nope, no test-driving here at Beepi; we're not set up that way and it's what enables us to offer you such amazing prices. Of course, one of our expert inspectors test drives every single car as part of our comprehensive pre-purchase inspection. They know what they're looking for - and listening for. They have super-power diagnostic skills, so we're absolutely confident you'll love the car.

Once your car arrives - washed and ready for you to put your first cup of java in the cup holder - you have ten days to test-drive it. Take it around the block or up to the country - as long as it's under 1,000 miles. (We're not Hertz, ya know.) If you're not in love after that, you can return it and get the marriage annulled. No questions asked. We'll pick it up and promise not to make you feel guilty.

Tell us

where you are...

We'll deliver your car wherever you are...

In the Batcave?

On Lost Island?

At Willy Wonka's?

Yes! We can deliver to any of these places. (Well, almost...)

Your wondercar arrives right to your driveway with

a Beepi Certified

full-service warranty

Beepi's unparalleled

10-day money-back


10 magic days

to fall in love

We offer a 10-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee to all our buyers.
(By the way, that's the longest period offered by anyone!)

10 Days or 1,000 miles

Once we deliver your new baby to you,
you have 10-days to drive it to your heart's content
(as long as your heart doesn't put more than 1,000 miles on it).

No sparks? No chemistry?... Nothing?

If you don't want to keep the car for any reason - perhaps your feng shui consultant raises an objection - we'll take it back. We'll schedule a visit for one of our mechanics to come inspect and pick up the car, and they're going to be rigorous. Of course, it needs to be in the same condition it was when you met; it must pass our 3 Ns:

Nothing removed
Nothing added
Nothing changed

To make sure, we'll do a full inspection including wheel assembly, engine, interior, user controls, exterior and underbody. That's only fair, don't you think?

Once the inspection is complete, and assuming there are no surprises,

We'll take the car back, and you'll get your money back.

Simple, easy, and quick

And the car?

Don't worry, we love our cars.
We'll find her a new home Beepity split.